Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens in the west bank in Luxor . In this area there are more than 80 tombs . Some of them dates to a period as early as the 18th Dynasty , but most of them date to the 19th Dynasty and 20th Dynasty . like the tombs in the valley of the Kings, They were plundered towards the end of the New Kingdom . Many of theses tombs remained unfinished and without decorations. The plan of the tombs is generally very simple with a long narrow corridor leading out of the antechamber to a chapel , around which is several small side chambers . One of the chambers contains the sarcophagus . Only four of its tombs are open to the public . The best one of them is that of Queen Nerfertari .

The most important Tombs in the Valley of the Queens……

1-Queen Nefertari .

2-Kha-Em-Waset .

3-Amun-Her-Khepshef .

4-Meret Amun .

5-Mut Tuya .

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