In the three neighboring dictricts of Assassif Khokhah and El-shikh Abdul-Qurnah lie the imposing necropolises of the nobility of the Middle Kingdom Dynasties. As compared to the Pharaoh’s tombs these tombs are extremely simple from the architectural point of view and feature the same layout, they are preceded by an open-air terrace, followed by a vestibule which painted.

Walls describe the earthly functions of the owner. A corridor then leads to an alcove which contains a lot of people, sometimes together with his wife or relations. The subjects illustrated in these tombs are characterized by an extraordinary freshness.\

Vitality and realism and providing accurate, valuable evidence of what life is like in ancient Egypt. The most frequent topics were funeral banquets, with music and dance farm work craftsmanship and daily life in general.

The tombs in Nobles Valley ……….

1-Tomb of KIKI. 2-Tomb of KERUEF SENAA. 3-Tomb of NAKHT. 4-Tomb of RAKH-MA-RA. 5-Tomb of MENNA. 6-Tomb of SENNEFER. 7-Tomb of RAMOSE. 8-Tomb of KHAEMAT. 9-Tomb of NEBAMON-IPUKY. 10-Tomb of NEBERHABEF. 11-Tomb of USIRAT .

————————————————– ————————————————– —————

RAMOSE Tomb ………

Ramose was Governor of Thebes and vizier under “AMENOPHIS III” and then under “AKHNATON” . This magmficently sculpted tomb was never completed , having commenced construction , Ramose had to leave it incomplete to build another one in the New capital of the heretic Pharaoh “AKHNATON” Now known as Tel-Elamarna .

Watching the views of the lobby of view, we see to the left of the inTERIOR Ramose offers offerings Followed by a group of senior staff carrying packages of papyrus Then there are some of the relative and guests in front of Ramos in the groups, which is characterized by beauty and accuracy of registration and demonstrates the artist’s skill. On the southern wall, the funeral scenes are painted in a style that may look like the first features of the art of Atonement. It is worth noting in the lower row a group of women and two groups of men carrying papyrus and funeral furniture. In the upper half there is a sarcophagus.

in the cabin above a boat, We have smaller crawler known as Techno, which is the skin of an animal in color black and was probably inside the embalming material and finally we see on the same wall Ramose and his wife worshiped god Osiris, while on the western wall there are some of the scenes that did not end up represent standing arches Mam King Amenhotep IV sitting inside his cabin and his successors right gods and goddess Maat under the throne we see the names of the peoples of the nine brackets.

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