Golden Mask

“TUTANKHAMUN” dead suddenly, may be murdered because there is an unhealed wound on his skull. He buried in this smallest tomb in the Valley of the Kings, and was only left intact, but it was attacked by the robbers but the tomb was re-sealed. The tomb was discovered in November 1922 under the rubrics of the tomb of “Ramses VI” above it by the English archaeologist Mr, “HOWARD CARTER” whose work was led by Lord Carnarvon. The discovery was one of the most famous events of the 20th century. Carter found a job that leads to a door. When Carter looked through the door, he was amazed, by all these objects displayed in this small tomb.

Tutankhamun tomb

They spent nine years in the Cairo Museum. The mummy of the young king is still in the second anthropoid coffin in the tomb. The handsome yellow quartzite sarcophagus containing two mummy of wooden coffins covered with stucco and lavishly gilded, and the third one made of massive gold. The face is a portrait of the king with inlaid eyes. The arms are crossed over the breast and the hands hold a Flail and crook, symbols of office. The mummy’s head is covered with a gold mask of massive burnished gold representing the King’s features. The mask is inlaid with precious stones and polychrome glass, the eyes inlaid with lapis lazuli, white and black stone. The headdress is adorned with the vulture and snake, on the breast is a wide collar ending in two hawks heads, aussi inlaid with lapis lazuli.

A sketch of the Tomb …………….

1-Entrance and Corridor.

2-Annex , contained boxes , jars , stools and chairs .

3-Antechamber contained two life size ritual statues couches and chariots .

4-Burial chamber contained four gilded shrines, quartzite sarcophagus, three anthropoids coffins, two from gilded wood and the third from solid gold.

5-Treasury room.

Explain the scenes of the Tomb ……..

East Wall ……

This is adorned with a depiction of the funeral procession , including TUTANKHAMUN’S mummy on a sledge being dragged along by high officials .

the east wall

North Wall ……….

This has the following decorations, viewed from the right of left. AYE, TUTANKHAMUN’S successor is shown as a priest wearing a leopard skin and holding the instrument for the opening of the mouth ceremony. This ritual restores life to the mummy and allows it to eat, speak and receive offerings in the after world. Mouth of TUTANKHAMUN’S Osiris form mummy, which is swathed in white, his face painted green. The next scene shows Tutankhamun standing before the goddess Nut, who welcomes him to his tomb. Tutankhamun followed by this spirit double (KA) standing before the god Osiris, Lord of the underworld.

the north wall

West Wall ………

On this wall depicted the first hour from the Imyduat ( what is in the underworld ) , and twelve baboons in three rows , probably representing the twelve hours of the night . Above them are five standing gods and the sun barque with the god Kheper , who appears as the sun in the early morning in the from of a scarab , He is positioned between two adoring figures of the goddess Osiris .

West wall

South Wall ………….

This is decorated with a scene representing the king standing between the goddess Hathor who gives him the symbol of life, and jackal-headed god Anubis.

South wall

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