Sinai has a unique geographical location , and natural factors that helped to diversify tourism in tourism that make Sinai one of the most important tourism city in Egypt , and have different kind of tourism as ” Religious Tourism , Historical Tourism , Entertainment Tourism , Beaches tourism ,Diving Tourism , Safari and Adventure tourism and Scientific Tourism ” and in this report we will review the tourism activities in Sinai .

1-Religious Tourism……..

Sinai is the blessed land blessed by Allah , Where many prophets and messengers passed on their land , Sinai is mentioned in all the heavenly holy books and on its mountain Allah spook with prophet Moses in the holy valley Tewa , and on it land passed Jesus and his mother , Religious tourism in Sinai It is concentrated in two areas, St. Catherine and Ferran’s Valley , and the most important places in Sinai ” St.Catherine Monastery , Moses mountain , Grave of prophet Saleh , and Grave of Haroun , Girls Monastery ” and around these places there a lot of Hotels and resorts for staying and tourism for The visitors .

2-Medical Tourism……..

In Sinai there a lot of sources of underground water that Helps in the healing of many diseases , and also the hot smoothing sand that helps for healing some diseases which affects the bones , Sinai is also characterized by the presence of many rare natural herbs that helps in the healing from the different diseases and many visitors are meant to reduce the use of chemical drugs and the most important for this kind of tourism………

1-Pharaoh ‘s Bath… located on 100 km away of Suez canal coast and it have about 15 sources of hot underground water , and located In a cave carved in the mountain above the sea beach The water temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees Celsius and this water helps in healing of the diseases that affects the skin , the eyes and the chest , A global health resort is being built with every options of entertainment and the staying .

2-Moses’s Bath………….

Is located about 3 km north of Altor city , and have 5 sources of hot underground water and contains on high sulfur content that helps in healing of diseases which affects the skin and the bones .


3-The natural herbs……. Sinai’s Land contains on a lot of healthy wild herbs as “Thyme , The Baked , Alsoukran plant , wormwood ” and these herbs helps in healing a lot of disease like ” Sugar , chest , heart ” and more diseases .


3- Archaeology and Historical Tourism….

Like we spook about it in the last article about the Historical places in Sinai and now we will reminds to the most important archaeological places in Sinai ” Serpent server , inscription of valley’s cave , Horus road , Salah Eldein Castle , Alnakhl castle , Aljoundi Castle , Alariech castle , The old port , Almashraba hill “.

4-Entertainment Tourism….

Entertainment Tourism represents the richest and The most widespread in Sinai For availability Many natural factors are there of Sandy beaches , Coral reefs , Fish are rare And other marine organisms , and many of water sports there , and Sinai it has the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Egypt its very high quality .

5-Beach tourism in Sinai…….

Sinai features Magical beaches , Sinai located on ” Red Sea ,The Mediterranean , Alaqqaba bay , Suez bay ” , the coasts of Mediterranean sea located on the north of Sinai , and Sinai Beaches features with smooth sand and pure water .

And in west of Sinai the coasts of Suez bay and in the east of Sinai there is the coasts of Alaqqaba bay , and in the south of Sinai there is the coasts of red sea that the most magical and fantastic beaches in Egypt.

6-Diving Tourism………

This type of tourism is concentrated on the East Coast of the Alaqqaba bay and this beach is rocky in mostly parts of the beach followed by a big depth of water just after the coast , and its one of the most beautiful places for Diving in the world because it has a lot of natural treasures of coral reef and colorful fish These are the most popular places for that ” Alaqqaba bay , Sharm Elskikh , Dahab , Nuebaa and Taba “.

Safari trip

7-Safari and Adventure Tourism..

Sinai features with Mountain nature It is made of desert roads and valleys that help To attract visitors to safari tours within these valleys , And with the existence of high mountain ranges one of the best climbing places and adventures in Egypt , It is one of the most famous mountains of this type of tourism ” Catherine mountain , Wteer Valley mountain and and a lot of funny and magical mountain in Sinai .

Entrance of Ras Mohamed protected

8-Scientific Tourism…….

Sinai has many elements of scientific tourism , To conduct researches and studies on animals in the wild and ْwild plants , And study the movement of birds And excavation areas , and the most areas for this kind of Tourism ” Protected of Ras Mohamed and Catherine’s protected “.

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