He was one of the kings of 18th DYNASTY , his father is Amenhotep III , and his birth name is “Thytmoses ” and his throne name is “Men-Kheperu-Ra” , his tomb was discovered by ” Howard Carter ” in 1908 , his mummy found in K.V 35 Cachet but his tomb No is K.V 43 IN The Valley of the Kings .

Thutmoses IV Tomb

This tomb is Famous for its antechamber which is decorated with lively colors and the next on south west wall which is the earliest record of Ra warping of the mummy in year 8 of the reign . His red sandstone sarcophagus with round lid which is decorated with figures of protecting gods and goddesses on sides has great value .

Thutmoses IV in offered the key of life from Hathor and Anubis

Sketch of the Tomb……..

1-Entrance and corridor .

2-Well-shaft , its ceiling is decorated with stars , and its walls are decorated with figures of the king before various ditties .

3-First pillared hall is undecorated .

4-Antechamber decorated with scenes of the king before various deities .

5-Burial chamber is supported by six pillars .

6-Undecorated four storerooms .

7-Sarcophagus of Thutmoses IV .

Nephtys is shown guarding the coffin

King AYE Tomb ….  K  .  V    23 

AYE Tomb

He was one of the kings in 18th Dynasty he had the ruled after Tutankhamun dead , and married of Tutankhamun’s Wife , his birth name is “It – Netjer – Ay ” and his thrine name is “Kheper – Khepru – Ra ” his tomb was discovered by Giovanni Battista Belzoni , in 1816 .

Sketch of the Tomb…….

1-Entrance .

2-Slot for beam used in lowering sarcophagus into tomb .

3-Corridors and staircases .

4-Well chamber .

5-Niches for magic bricks .

6-Burial chamber decorated with scenes similar to those in Tutankhamun’s tomb marsh hunting scene , and scenes , and scenes of the king before various deities .

7- Granti to sarcophagus restored recently bu S.C.A .

8-Canopic chamber undecorated .

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