Thutmoses III and Amenophis II Tombs

1- Tomb of “Thutmoses III “

Thutmoses III tomb

He was a king of the new kingdom in the 18th Dynasty , his father is “Thutmoses II” and his mother is ” Isis ” .His throne name is “Men Kheper Ra” , his wife is ” Neferu-Ra” and some historical say that Hatshepsut also she was his wife . His tomb was discovered by ” Victor Loret ” in 12 February 1898 , and his mummy was found in Deir-el-Bahri cache .

A sketch of the Tomb……

Sketch of Thutmoses III tomb

1-Entrance and sloping corridors .

2-well shift , decorated with khekher-frieze, ceiling has stars .

3-Antechambers , decorated with740 different ditties in red ink on a grey background as a papyrus scroll .

4-Burial chamber is in the shape of large cartouche , supported by two pillars like papyrus script . The king suckled by his mother Isis , in a form of tree . The ceiling is adorned with yellow stars on a blue ground . The walls are covered with very well preserved scenes from the book of ” that which is in the underworld ” The text is in red ink on a gray background to imitate a papyrus roll . The sarcophagus is made of red sandstone covered with scenes and inscriptions rendered in red paint . The mummy is now in Cairo museum .

5-Sandstone sarcophagus painted red .

2-Amenophis II ( K . V . 35 ) .

Tomb of Amenophis II

His birth name is “Amenophis , Heqa-Iunu” , and hiis throne name is “A-Kheperu-Ra” , his tomb it was discovered by “Victor Loret ” in 1898 , and his mummy was found in this tomb .

This is one most impressive in the Valley of the kings . It had been used by the priests of the 22nd Dynasty as a hiding place to keep the royal mummies safe from the tomb – robbers . The burial chamber is supported by six pillars , on which the king is represented in front of various gods . Its consists of two parts ; The rear part is on a lower level and contains the sandstone sarcophagus of the king . The walls are painted yellow to look like a scroll of papyrus , and beautifully covered with scenes from the book of Imyduat . The ceiling of the chamber has been painted blue and dotted with yellow stars .

Sketch of the Tomb…….

1-Entrance .

2-Well shaft with side-chamber , un-decorated .

3-Pillared hall , un-decorated .

4-Burial chamber , its ceiling decorated with golden stars on blue its walls decorated with scenes from Imyduat . Its pillars decorated with figures of the king before various deities .

5-Granite sarcophagus .

6-Storerooms used as cache for royal mummies .

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