The famous Colossi of Memnon are all that remains of the burial temple of “AMENOPHIS III” and whose magnificence is recorded in a stele found by the archaeologist Petrie . These statues which must have stood to the sides of the entrance to the temple , are 20 meters high , their feet alone measure 2 meters , in length and 1 meter in width . Cut in monolithic blocks of sandstone and portraying the Pharaoh seated on his throne , with his hands resting on his knees , the south of colossus is in better shape than the other , to which a legend is connected . It would appear that in 27 B.C . a terrible earthquake severely damaged almost all monuments ………

In Thebes and that an enormous crack opened up from the top to the middle of the colossus which it toppled . Others , however , attribute this fact to barbarities of king Cambise and this seems more likely as Egypt has never been prone to seismic movements . At the time every morning at day break the statue gave out a prolonged sound in which some believed to hear a sad yet harmonious song . Greek poets soon created a beautiful legend around this strange fact destitute by great historians such as Strabo , Pausanias , Tacitus and Philostratus .

According to them the “stone that sings ” represent Memnon , The mythical son of Aurora and Tithonus , the king of Egypt and Ethiopia sent by his father to help Troy besieged by the Greek army , Memnon achieved great glory by slaying Antilochus , son of Nestor but in turn he fell under the revengeful hand of Achilles , Aurora in tears then beseeched Jupiter to resuscitate her son at least once a day .

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