King Khafraa was a son of king Khofu of the 4th Dynasty , he ruled Egypt for 26 years , he built his pyramid next to the pyramid of his father Khofu in Giza area.

The Location….. King Khafraa’s pyramid located in Giza area south of Cairo , and located in south-west of king Khofu’s pyramid .

The description of the Pyramid…… The pyramid was built over an area of 215 square meters , the pyramid located in the ground level , the pyramid contains two entrances located in the northern side of the pyramid , the pyramid was covered with layer of the white limestone and still keep part of this layer on the top of the pyramid .

The found inside the pyramid on some statues made of Shast stone and from there the famous statue of king Khafraa which in the Egyptian museum in Cairo .

The angle of the pyramid is 53.10* , and the length of each side of the ribs is 215.5 meters , the entrance of the pyramid its ceiling made of granite stone and reach to the passage , and this passage reach to burial chamber , this chamber carved in the rock , after the burial chamber we find vestibule reach to chamber rises to the top and the ceiling of this chamber made of Limestone .

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