We can’t judge the real age for the great pyramid , but a lot of archaeological research and archaeological discoveries say ” the great pyramid dates back to the reign of king Khofu from the 4th Dynasty ” , we can’t say also that the great pyramid was built to bury the king’s body or as a royal tomb , but for the great pyramid another secret and another using built for it .

The discoveries say that the great pyramid was an astronomical observatory of the motion of plants and the stars as well as energy-generating plants .

It was 2560 BC , where the king ordered to collect thousands of workers from all over Egypt to build the pyramid , they cut the huge stones to begin building the great pyramid , the stones of the pyramid were cut from the mountain of the chain in southern of Egypt , and they brought to the north by Nile boats and palm leaves by the desert .

Construction of the pyramid continued for 20 years and hundreds thousands of Egyptian workers participated in the construction . The great pyramid is one of the wonders of the ancient world , and still hides behind it many secrets .

The History of the Pyramid….

The great pyramid dates back to the reign of king “Khofu ” from the 4th Dynasty in 2560 BC .

The Location Of the Pyramid….

The great pyramid located in Giza Governorate south of Cairo .

The description of The Great Pyramid……

The great pyramid is one of the wonders of the ancient world , built by king Khofu , the king ordered his architect “Hem-Ieno” to create the pyramid , The great pyramid named “Akht-Khofu” meaning “sykline of Khofu” that mean the horizon that will ride the god Ra the solar boats to the skyline .

The great pyramid contains on 2.3 million stone block , the weight of one block is 2 to 70 tons , these stones were placed on top of each other in a way that overlapped and emptied the air , the height of the pyramid is 148 meters above the surface of the land , with four sides representing the original directions ” North , South , West , East” , the length of the base of the pyramid swallows 228 meters , the pyramid occupies an area of 13 acres , the total size of the pyramid is 2.5 million cobic meters .

The great pyramid was covered with as smooth layer of white limestone and this smooth layer was reflection the light , but because an old earthquake hit the area fell this layer , and on the top of the pyramid was a small pyramid of gold but is not found now .

The original entrance for the great pyramid …. at a height of 17 meters from the surface of the earth , and located in the northern side of the pyramid , on the top of the entrance corridor there is two layer of huge rocks in the form of a triangular , the thickness of each one of them 2 meters , and this corridor reach to the bottom of the pyramid , and the entrance was covered with stone blocks like all the pyramid to camouflage and conceal his treasures .

the original entrance

The current entrance to the pyramid is a tunnel.…. ordered the Caliph ” Elmaamon” to dig it in 820 AD , this entrance extends at a distance 27 meters inside the pyramid .

Elmaamon entrance
Elmaamon Tunnel

Downhill Corridor... its width is 1.09 meters and its height is 1.20 meters , it is tilted down at an angle 26* and 34 meters inside the pyramid , where it meet the ascending path after 28 meters from its beginning , after reaching the depth of the pyramid floor it continues to descend about 70 meters , in the ground of the rocky pyramid , thus reaching a full length of 105 meters at a depth of 30 meters under te pyramid , and then extends 9 meters horizontally to reach the rocky chamber .

Downhill corridor

The Horizontal corridor of the Queen’s chamber…. at the beginning of the ascending corridor to the large lobby there is a 38 meters horizontal corridor leads to the Queen’s chamber , the width of this corridor is 10.05 meters and its higher is 1.17 meters .

The Queen’s Chamber…. located in the middle distance between the northern side and the southern side of the pyramid , the dimensions of the chamber is 5.75 meters from the north to the south , and 5.23 meters from the west to the east and it is lined with the white limestone and it has a cap on a semicircular form its higher is 6.23 meters , and this chamber it was the first chamber built in the pyramid .

The Queen’s Chamber
Side in the Queen’s Chamber

The Rocky chamber Underground…..located in the end of the downhill corridor and is not finished till now , and also there is the ventilation tunnel its job is get the priests out of the pyramid after bury the king , and this tunnel reach between the large lobby and the downhill corridor .

The rocky chamber

The ascending Corridor…..its higher is 1.2 meters and its width is 1.05 meters and reach to the large lobby after 37.7 meters .

Ascending corridor

The Large Lobby…..extends a long the ascending corridor , and its width is twice the width of the corridor and its ceiling is higher more than the higher of corridor . There is also a corridor connecting the large lobby with the king’s chamber , its length 6.85 meters , and its area is 1.25*1.11 meters .

The large lobby

The King’s Chamber…. the dimensions of the king’s chamber 10.47 meters from the east to the west and 5.23 meters from the south to the north , and its height is 5.974 meters , there are also two openings in the chamber at height .91 meters one one the northern wall and one on the southern wall , these openings connecting with a two tunnels reach to the roof of the pyramid and its go the the stars in the southern and the northern sky , and this openings made for religious purposes to directing the spirit of the king to the heaven .

On the west of the king’s chamber there granite coffin for the king , the size of the coffin is ” 2.28*.99*1.05″ meters , its not allow to move its too big for this they put it before they built the walls and the ceilings .

On the top of the king’s chamber there is five chambers above of each other and the purpose of these chamber to lose weight on the king’s chamber , and they found hieroglyphic writings demonstrate the system of work and construction in the pyramid .

The coffin in the king’s chamber

1- The original Entrance .

2-The Current Entrance .

3-A bridge between the descending passageway and ascending passageway .

4-Downhill corridor .

5-The Rocky chamber .

6-Ascending corridor .

7-The Queen’s Chamber .

8-Horizontal Corridor .

9-Large Lobby .

10-The king’s Chamber .

11- A lobby to bring the Coffin and the Rocks to closing the King’s Chamber .

12-External Tunnel.

The Archaeological Collection Around The Great Pyramid.

The Funerary Temple…it was built in middle of the eastern side of the pyramid , the distance between the temple and the pyramid is 10 meters , the length of the temple 52.50 meters and its width is 40.30 meters , leaving only the floor which covered with basalt stones and remains of columns and statues , and there is also some inscriptions expressing ” SED feast “and ” White Hippo feast ” and other inscriptions , and there is also residual sewage system on the ground for the drainage of rainwater .

The funerary Temple

And they found also remains of Valley temple and the road that reach to it from the funerary temple . And also they found around the great pyramid the remains of a wall that surrounded the pyramid from the four sides . And there is tombs on the eastern side of the pyramid for the family of the king , and from the western side there is tombs for ministers of the King .

the tombs around the pyramid

The Pyramids of The Queens….. in the east on 56 meters from the great pyramid there are three pyramids for the Queens from the north to the south , and the three pyramids were out of the wall that surrounded the pyramid .

The pyramids of the Queens

And they found also around the pyramid on 7 excavators for the solar boats , five for the great pyramid for the king and two for the pyramids for the Queens .

Excavator of Solar boat
Solar boat in its excavator

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