The development of the construction of the tombs in ancient Egypt

Introduction to the history of burial and the development of tombs in ancient Egypt ………

Ancient Egypt had its many ideas in the construction of tombs, This is his faith in the resurrection and immortality, He was always interested in the tombs as the house of immortality, so the tombs passed through many stages throughout history.

Here we will review the history and development of tombs in ancient Egypt ………………………………

1-Prehistoric era .

Was a small pit where the dead in the position of squatting, and some of the utensils that dominate the food and drink and this form of seriousness of the prehistory to the beginning of the ancient era.

2-Ancient era.

In this era, the tombs took the form of a high terrace on the ground, with a corridor leading to the burial chamber.

King Shebseskaf Tomp

3- The Old State.

In this age, the tombs of the pyramid were taken from a limestone building, the first of which was the “Imohotep” of the king “Zoser” of the Kings of the Third Royal Dynasty and is called the Pyramid of Saqqara.

Pyramid of king Zoser

-Full pyramid shape …….

This is seen in the pyramid of Midum, south of Saqqara, of King Houny, the last king of the Third Royal Dynasty.

Midum Pyramid

And then develop the pyramids to see the pyramids of Giza to the kings of the fourth royal Dynasty.

King Khofu Pyramid in Giza

4-In Middle State.

A new development in the middle of the Middle Kingdom era was the term pyramid inside a temple as it was found in the temple of King “Mentuhotp” in Dadeer Bahrari.

5-In the New Kingdom.

As a result of the theft of the royal tombs of the kings, the kings of the new state built their tombs in the West Bank of the Mountains in Luxor, a graveyard carved in the rock in the heart of the mountain.

Tomp in the valley of the Kings

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