Siwa Oasis is Egyptian city , Located in The Egyptian western desert , about 300 Km away of the Mediterranean sea , to the western south of Marsa Matroh city .

Siwa Oasis features many wells and natural springs that the main source for the groundwater use for agriculture , drinking and treatment for many diseases , and there also many major lakes , The oasis was named in ancient times with many names , it was named ” Sekht Im” meaning ” The land of Palm” , and also named ” Benta ” as found in some texts on the walls of Edfu Temple , also named ” Amun Oasis ” till the Ptolomic era came and changed the name to “Juptier Amun Oasis ” , and when the Arabian came to the oasis they named it “Alaksa Oasis ” like ” Elmakrizi ” said that in his books .

Alexzander The Great in Siwa Oasis

Before the year of 2900 B.C Libyans came to attack The Oasis and take it the center to Occupation Egypt , but the King “Senfro” the last king of the third Dynasty responded them , and responded them many Kings in different eras , also King “Amenophis I ” responded them .

During the Persians occupy Egypt The priests of Amon prophesy in Amun Temple in Siwa oasis Dehydration ” Qambiz” and his army , then sent his army to kill the Priests and destroy the Temple but the army loosed in the desert and they perished and Amun’s prophesy achieved .

when The Alexander The Great came to Egypt he decided to visit Amun Temple in Siwa , and Amun priests welcomed him , and he went to the Holy of Holies of the temple with the priests and he didn’t said anything about , just said to his Friends “I hear what my heart like inside the Temple .

Dakrour Mountain

Siwa Oasis features with landscapes which attracts many peoples around the world , and also has Dakrour Mountain it one of pharaonic monuments in the Oasis and the mountain has sand containing a special type of rays it works to heal many diseases which affects the bones .

The Monuments in Siwa Oasis .

Amun Temple

Amun Temple…. its one of the most important monuments in Siwa Oasis , it built in the 26th Dynasty era , in the sixth century B.C , on Aghormy hill Which rises 30 meters on the surface of the earth , the temple located on 3 Km in the east of Siwa Oasis .

The Temple was named with “Temple of predictions” because what happened with with Qambiz’s Army which we talked about before , and there is story said when Alexander The Great visited Amun Temple asked the priests about if he will rule Egypt and he will be a King of Egypt or not ?! and they answered him yes, you will be a King of Egypt , and exactly he was a King of Egypt .

Amun Temple

There was an astronomical phenomenon on the Temple of Amun Called Phenomenon “Spring equinox” Where the sun perpendicular to the temple twice a year in the spring and autumn equinox , and the night and day are equal to 90 days from the smallest day of the year , After another 90 days, the longest day of the year comes .

Some monuments in Siwa Oasis

Mount of the Dead .

Tomb of Bathoht .

Tome of Altemsah .

Tomb of Mes Amun .

Temple of Om Obeada .

Shali Castle .

Shrine of ” Seidy Soliman ” .

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