Sinai is Egyptian land located on the northern east part of Egypt between “The Mediterranean Sea , Alaqqaba bay , Sues bay and Red Sea ” , Sinai connected Asia continent with Africa continent , The area of the Sinai around 60,088 km square .

Sinai have ancient and great history , in old state era it was big relation between Sinai and Nile Valley , Sinai was and still Mine for raw materials like ” Copper and turquoise ” Which was extracted by ancient Egyptians and used it in the industry , This is illustrated by inscriptions that found in the cave valley Serpent server .

The inhabitants of the north were in Sinai called ” Alhroshateo” meaning The masters of sand , and in the south of Sinai were called ” Almonteo” Who were working in agriculture around the wells and Water fountains They planted palm trees, figs, olives and vineyards and went to the markets in the Nile valley to sale their products there .

As indicated the ancient monuments in Sinai on old war road called “Horus Road” that was crossed Sinai and this road currently starting from Alqantara to Alareich , and indicated on this the remains of old castles as ” Tharo castle ” and ” Poto fort ” that built by king “Seti I ” in 19th Dynasty era .

Sinai was of great importance in Greek and Roman era they built a lot of cities on Greek style as ” Alpatraa city “, and one of the most important events in Sinai when Israelis went out of Egypt and stay in Sinai .

The Archaeology Sites In Sinai…………………….

Serpent server “Sarabit Alkhadim “… located to the eastern south of ” Abu-zenema “city It includes the Temple for “Hathor ” in the beginning of middle state era to the new state era , and also includes the temple for god “Subed ” and this temple built by king “Amenmehat I ” and king ” Amenmehat II” added some parts for the temple , and ” Amenmehat II , Senusert I , Senusert II and Senusert III ” made addition for the temple , also kings ” Amenmehat III and Amenmehat V ” added chapel for the temple called ” Kings’s chapel ” Customize to worship “Hathor and Subed ” .

And added to the temple some champers and chapels the kings of 18th Dynasty ” Amenophis I , Hatshepsut , Thutmoses III , Amenophis IIand Thutmoses V ” , and king “Amenophis III ” created two obelisks on the two sides of the temple , and the temple located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters from the sea surface , the length of the temple is about 80 meters and its wide is 35 meters .

The temple continued on its form for a long time till Israeli occupation in 1967 and destroyed the temple and cut it to different parts and take it to Occupied Palestine .

Inscriptions of the mines in the cave valley…. They are found in these mines about 45 engravings written in hieroglyphics mostly of its back to old state era and middle state era and a little back to New state era and the the names that on this inscriptions ” Djoser , Sekhm-khet , Senphro , Sa-Ho-Ra , PepeI ,Amenmehat I , Amenmehat V , Thutmoses III , Hatshepsut ” .

St. Catherine’s Monastery…..

It built in 4th century AD , when the Empress ” Helanah” the mother of the Emperor “Qustantin ” ordered in 342 AD to built Monastery include a church with the name of ” the Virgin Lady Mariam ” on the site of holy tree , and the monastery was a place for Sinai’s priests and called after with ” Saint Catherine Monastery ” , and the church inside the monastery its one of the most important churches in the world ,Including its contents Mosaic is one of the most famous Christian mosaics in the world They represent scenes from the Old and New Testaments .

The main scene in the Monastery represents Jesus in the middle and Mariam in the right side and Moses on the left side , and on the wall there is two scenes represents Moussa has the law over the mountains of Sinai and the second scene represents Moses in front of The tree .

The church located on 12 columns represents the 12 months of the year and also represents the 12 Messengers , and inside the monastery there is the holy tree that the place where Allah spoke to Moses in “Valley’s Tewa ” , There is also a library inside the monastery contains rare manuscripts and books .


Some Archaeology places in Sinai……..

Moses’ water sources
Salah eldein Castle
Elnakhl Castle

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