His Father is MerenPtah , his throne name is “User-Khepru-Ra-Setep-En-Ra” , and his birth name is “SETI” , his wives are ” TAWOSERT , TIAA” .

This tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1903. The doorway was cut directly into the cliff face. The jambs and the entrance walls were carefully sculptured in sunk and raised relief, beautifully executed, especially the goddess Maat which is seated upon a lily plant of upper Egypt, and the figure of the king offering Maat to Ra-Horakhty, the kings kilt being ornamented with five Urae snake. The first two corridors are decorated with the litany of Ra, and the second and third corridors has unfinished scenes from the book of Imyduat.

The well shaft was never excavated. The walls of this rooms are decorated in a manner totally different from the rest of the valley of the Kings. It is decorated with symbolic representation of funerary objects, symbolic statuettes of gods, each of them remaining in its own sharine, the king standing on the back of a panther, or standing with a harpoon in a small papyrus were found in the tomb of Thutankhamun. Howard Carter used this as a laboratory for restoring the objects of Thutankhamun. An unknown mummy was found in the tomb. The lids of the sarcophagus remain in the tomb.

Sketch of the Tomb …………………

1-Door jambs are decorated with very beautiful kneeling figures of Maat . Above the tomb main door appear both Nephtys and Isis around the sun disc .

2-First passage is decorated with Litany of Ra, on the left wall of the first passage we see the solar disc with gods.

3- Second passage is decorated with Litany of Ra and Imyduat.

4-Third passage is decorated with scenes from the Imyduat and the night of the dead king to the other world.

5-Well decorated room with king on the back of feline, and king as harpooner one has papyrus skiff.

6-Pillared hall is decorated with scenes from the book of gates and the gods and goddesses Horus , Nephertum , Ra-Horakhty , Maat, Ptah and Anubis .

7-Unfinished chamber with Nut on ceiling.

8-The sarcophagus.

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