Ramesses VI K.V 9……

Ramesse VI Tomb

This tomb was cut for Ramesses V as for the first pillared hall , but Ramesse VI “Nep-Maat-Ra-Mri-Amun” who reigned from 1141 to 1133 B.C , usurped the tomb and painted over the original relief belonging to his predecessor . Greek and Roman visitors left their graffiti on the walls of the tomb . The tomb is distinguished by its decorations and its colors , which still survive , It has the judgment scene in the hall of Osiris , weighing the heart of the deceased against the feather of truth in the presence of the Gods .

The goddess Nut swallowing the sun disc and it being reborn from her body . The god in the solar barque sailing upon the celestial waters

The antechamber is decorated with the figure of the king adoring two square pools surrounded by baboons , and adoring Maat , Texts from the book of the Dead and the Negative confession . In the latter , The king declares 42 times in front of 42 Gods that he did not do evil . The vaulted ceiling of the burial chamber is embellished with charming astronomical scenes , the goddess Nut stretches across the sky by day and night . In the evening she swallows the sun and the morning , it is reborn .

Sketch of the Tomb…..

1-Entrance .

2-First passage decorated with king before Ra-Horakhty and scenes from the book of Caverns on Right hand and book of Gates on left .

3-Second passage decorated with scenes from the book of Gates and book of Caverns .

4-Third passage and well room are decorated from the book of Heavens . The three passages has astronomical ceilings .

5-Pillared hall decorated with scenes from the book of Gates . The king before various deities on the pillars .

6-Lower passages decorated with scenes from the book of Imyduat.

7-Antechamber decorated with scenes from the book of Dead .

8-Burial chamber is decorated with scenes from the Earth and the book of Heavens depicted on astronomical ceiling .

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