His tomb’s No 11 in the Valley off The Kings , his throne name is “User-Maat-re-Mery-Amun” and his birth name is “Ra-Messes-Heqa-Iunu” , His father is ” TAWOSERT” . and his wives are ” Isis , Titi , Tiy ” , His sons are “Khaemwast,Sethirkhopshef,Amenhirkhopshef,And Ramses.”

This tomb is one of the largest in the Valley of the Kings , having a total length of 125 meters . It has been known since 1769 as ” The Harpist tomb ” because the traveler S.J Bruce published the scene of the harpist which decorates one of the side-chambers . It is the only tomb in the valley which has four Hathor-headed pillars flanking the entrance ,and ten side-chambers opining off the first two corridors . The beginning portion of the tomb was constructed by Set-nakht , Father of Ramses III , but he stopped work when the masons brocks into tomb 10 of Amenmes .

Ramses III subsequently took over the tomb and moved the axis to the right , tunneling westward . The tomb contains some superb decoration . To the right and left of the entrance kneeling Maatt figures protect the king with their wings . The reliefs in the side chambers are remarkable . Those on the right show sailing ships , royal standards , weapons and furniture . Those on the left show : preparing foods , god of the Nile with gods of fertility which have ears of corn on their heads, two harpists and harpists ‘ song .

Sketch of the Tomb …….

1-Entrance with two Hathor-headed columns flanking the doorway.

2-First passage decorated with figure of the king before Ra Horakhty , and scenes from the litany of Ra .

3-Side rooms decorated with secular scenes .

4- 8 Side rooms with scenes jars and vessels of Aegean type and famous blind harpist .

5-Passage collided with tomb No K.V 10 Amenmes .

6-This passage decorated with scenes from the Book of Imyduat .

7-Well room decorated with deities .

8-Pillared hall decorated with scenes from the Books of Gates . On pillars king before deities .

9-Side chamber decorated with scenes from the Book of gates .

10-Two antechambers decorated with various deities .

11-Burial chamber in very bad state of preservation , and its pillars collapsed .

12-Sarcophagus of Ramses III . Is now in Paris , The mummy is in Cairo Museum .

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