RAMESSES I Tomb KV 16 …….

Ramsesse I TOMB

Ramsesse I the first king in the 19th Dynasty, This tomb was left unfinished because the king died after only two years of rule. The walls of the room have been decorated with colorful scenes. In the middle of the burial chamber is a granite sarcophagus carved with two protective goddesses and texts filled with yellow paint.

Sketch of the Tomb ……


2-Corridor and staircases, undecorated.

3-Unfinished niches flanked staircases.

4-Burial chamber decorated with Matt on each side of its door , The walls decorated with colored scenes from the book of gates , and of the king flanked by the falcon-headed soul of pe and the dog-headed soul of Nekhen . Also the king before various deities .


6-Osiris niche.

book of gates
Ramsese I is macking offering to god Kheper
Ramses I in the presemce of Go Osiris
Ramses I is macking offering to God Nefertum

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