The construction of the pyramid of Djoser and the funerary collection dates back to the reign of king Djoser , the first king of the third Dynasty .

The Location ………..

The funerary collection of king Djoser is located in Saqqara area in Giza Governorate in south of Cairo .

The Description ……..

The funerary collection is located within a large wall , in the middle of the funerary collection is the stepped pyramid . Most of the parts are located in the south-eastern corner of the pyramid .

The Main Entrance of the funerary collection ….

The funerary collection surrounded a stone wall , the perimeter of this wall from the north to the south is 545 meters and from the east to the west is 278 meters and its higher is 10 meters . The main entrance is located in the eastern side of this wall , and this entrance is located between two large towers , and reach this entrance reach to the hypostyle hall , and this wall built in a prominent and subterranean style , and it had 14 gates but just on gate is true and it use till now and the others is fake gates .

Hypostyle Hall ………..

The entrance reach to Hypostyle hall , it contains 48 columns of limestone , representing in its form a groups of woven packages , the ceiling is a tradition of palm blossoms .

There 40 columns in two rows and overlapping with the walls to make chapels , this chapels were used to put the statues of the king inside . In the end of this hypostyle in the western side we see the other 8 columns in double pillars in a small rectangular hall it is surrounded by small wall . Some of the Archeologists thinking the number of these columns represent the number of regions in king Djoser reign.

The Southern Tomb ……

The southern tomb is located in the left side of hypostyle hall , it is a picture identical to the tomb that located in the bottom of the stepped pyramid , and you reach to it by square well , the length of each side of the ribs 7 meters and the depth is 28 meters , and there is ladder reach to the bottom of the well that we find a chamber made of granite stone , in this building there cheers and corridors its walls decorated with porcelain polished and its represent the palace that the king was living inside .

And on the one of the walls there is scene for the king Djoser during he celebrated with his royal jubilee and recorded the name and the nickname of the king , on the top of this tomb there Mastaba it have small structure made of limestone and decorated with Copra .

The southern tomb it is symbolic tomb for the king it meaning he is the king of the south also , or maybe it used to burial the canopic , and the northern tomb its the stepped pyramid which located in the middle of the funerary collection .

The Stepped Pyramid ……

The stepped pyramid is located in the middle of the funerary collection for king Djoser , the pyramid built by his architect ” Imohotep” , and the stepped pyramid is the first pyramid in Egypt .

The stepped pyramid contain of six mastabas that built above of each other , the higher of the pyramid is 62 meters , and is base area is 109*125 meters , and it was covered with polished limestone , this pyramid effected with earthquake in 1992 and led to fall many parts of the funerary collection for king Djoser .

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