MerenPtah Tomb

MerenPtah Tomb KV 8 In The Valley Of The Kings ..

He is the son of Ramses II in 19th Dynasty , This tomb was prepared for pharaoh MerenPtah who reigned from about 1212- to 1202 B.C . It was cleared by Lepsius in 1844 and restored by the Egyptian Antiquities Organization in 1981 . It contains five corridors , who halls and several side chambers .

1-Above the entrance doorway is a representation of the sun god, the sun disc containing the scarab and the ram headed god adorned by a kneeling Isis on the left and Nephtys on the right

2-The first corridor is decorated with scenes of the king before Ra Horakhty and from the litany of Ra .

3-The other corridor is decorated with scenes from the book of Gates and thr Imyduat the book of “That which is in the Underworld”.

4-The rear wall of the first pillared has a double scene of the king offering an image of Maat and wine to Osiris , The left and right walls have scenes from the book of gates the pillars are decorated with scenes representing the king kneeling before Osiris , Ptah , Ra horakhty and Anubis .

5-The lid of the outer coffin lies in the antechamber but the inner lid lies in the burial chamber . It was carved in the form of a cartouche upon which the figure of the king is beautifully executed in hard pink granite , It is inscribed with the 1st ,7th and 8th divisions from the book of Gates and text from the Imyduat .

6-The wals of the burial chamber are decorated with scenes from the book of Gates on the left and the resurrection of the sun-god on the right. MerenPtah mummy is now in the cairo Museum.

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