King Mankawraa he is the son of King Khafraa , one of the kings of the 4th Dynasty , Tourin pyprus say that king Mankawraa reign Egypt for 18 years ,

The location of the pyramid……the pyramid located next to the pyramid of his father Khafraa , in Giza area , south of Cairo .

The description of the pyramid…The height of the pyramid is 65.5 meters , the pyramid was built on an area 215 meters , and built of Limestone and Granite stone , Mankawraa pyramid was covered with layer of limestone , its entrance located on the northern side of the pyramid on height 4 meters of the base ,this entrance reach to vestibule passage then to horizontal passage then reach to the burial chamber .

There is inside the pyramid coffin made of the basalt stone , they founded it in Baskay bay when moved from Egypt to England , there is some places inside the pyramid not completed of building , that make a lot of archaeological know how they built the pyramids ….

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