Komombo temple located in Komombo city north of Aswan about 45 K.m.

This temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy VI , but its decoration was not completed until the Roman era , during the time of the Emperor “Tiberius” and we also see in this temple the same characteristics that we find in other Ptolemaic Egyptian temples in terms of design , architecture and decoration . This temple is dedicated to worship of the God “SUBK” which takes the form of a crocodile .

the god Subk

‘The Legend Of The God Subk …

The legend says “Subk expelled his brother Horus from the town , the Villagers go with Horus and left Subk alone in the town , Subk then turned to magic and sorcery and ordered the dead from their shrine to help him to collect the crops and cultivate the land , then the earth was dry and the town collapsed .

The Description Of The Temple …

We enter the temple from the south-west wall where we reach the gate of the temple that built by Ptolemy XII , and we find ourselves in the front of the outer edifice of the temple and this edifice dated to the ea of the Emperor “Dominian” , and then we find ourselves in the so-called open courtyard with 16 columns with inscriptions on the left and right sides six columns on the south side and probably built by Emperor “Tiberius” . At the front of the temple are the stone contains that reach 5 columns in the facade . there is a large entrance in the center and two small entrance on either side of the facade and the hall we are entering now consists of 15 columns whose capitals differed between papyrus ,lotus and palm fronds , a column and a roof decorated with landscape of the goddess “Nakhbet ” and Goddess “Edgite” . There are also astronomical views , some of which are incomplete and dated to the time of Ptolemy XII , the entrance in front of us leads us to the small columns hall consisting of 10 columns , probably built by Ptolemy VIII , from this hall we pass by three internal halls built by Ptolemy VI , and its destroyed now these halls .

Behind the holy of holies there are 7 rooms some of which were used as storerooms and others for the residence of the high priest and the middle room with the remains of stairs ,through which the roof of the temple was ascended . The temple has two corridors , one inside and we reach it from the great columns Hall.

The Scenes Inside The Temple ……

We find on the facade of the columns of the view of the Nile God of the north “Habby” and the Nile God of the south “Habby”in front of the king , and then we find inside the view of Ptolemy VIII carrying the offerings behind the Queen Cleopatra bear roses .

In the external hall we find God kills a snake symbol of evil and scenes of the governors of the sancrifices and the goddess Hathor and God Khonsu and a group of other Gods .

In the inner hall we find the king offers Maat to god Thoth and other god , and we find a view of the offering of offerings to god Subk , and a view of the king on a boat amid a bush with a group of different gods including the god Meen.

There is a unique view that is not found in any temple in tthe temples of Egypt , the ritual of offering the geese “roo” and papyrus to the god ” Ka-Mut-Ef” the lord of fertility and the purpose of this ritual to restore the cycle of life .

-The chapel of goddess Hathor….. is located in the est of the temple ,its a rectangular rectangle shaped with a large glass box containing three mummies of crocodiles free of any inscriptions .

We find a view of the goddess Hathor at the entrance followed by a view of the goddess of death carrying a musical instrument and behind her the king ” Domitan ” offers the wine to various gods .

-The Gate of Queen “Hatschepsut “and “Thutmosis III”…… It located on the western side of the wall of the temple , we find a view of one of the kings in front of the god and scene for Thutmosis III , and cartoches for Queen Hatschepsut .

The Gate of Ptolemy VIII…….Located on the western side of the temple , we find a view of the king “Temimus ” kills his enemies in front of te gods and offers sacrifices to the god Subk and Hathor . The king presents the offerings and incense and gifts to the gods and other views of the offerings of offerings by the king.

The chapel of God Subk…….it dates back to the reign of the emperor “Krakala” located in the north eastern corner of the temple , it is shown on a high plane , we reach it through a ladder and on it a rectangular building in front of the entrance are two square shaped columns with a view of the Emperor “Krakala” and other Emperors .

-Scale of the Nile…….it dates back to the Roman period and is located on the northwestern side of the temple , it is located on a round well connected to a square shaped basin. This measurement was used to determine the water level during the flood days and then taxes are determined on the agricultural land attached to the temple .

The king is standing with his hands holding the sign of the bass in front of the idol Horus , who in turn presents the sign of love . We note the end of the mark with three frogs indicating the number of many years , and the new in this view is the representation of the king with his main and secondary wives together . Both wives held wands in their hands .

Holy Of Holies…..in the case of a very demolished and left just two bases of granite were put on them the sacred boat.

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