Isis temple located in Philae island in Aswan in south Of Egypt , and it one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt . History of the built this temple back to Ptolemiac era and Roman era .

Description Of The Temple …….

The temple begin with outside courtyard which built by Emperor “Augustos” in Roman era , on the right side of this courtyard there is columns but mostly of its not completed , in the wall behind these columns there 5 doors reach to different chapels .

On the western side there is another columns its long way is 93 meters and and have 31 columns , and their high is 5 meters , and mostly of these columns have scenes for Emperor “Teberus” offering the offerings to the gods , on the ceiling of this side there scenes for stars and birds .

On wall of the western side have scenes for the Emperors offering the offerings to the gods and the goddesses , and also there is stairs in this side reach to small scale of the Nile .

The First Pylon ….

This pylon its higher is 18 meters and its width 45 meters , it contains two towers and two entrances , the main entrance in the mid of the pylon and it have scenes for the King “Nekhtanbu I” , and the other entrance it have scenes for ” Ptolmey-Pholomator” and this entrance reach to the chamber of divine birth .

On the eastern tower there is scene for “Ptolmey XII” with Egypt crown and hits his enemies in front of Isis , Horus ,Nephtes and Hathor on the left . On the western tower there is the same scene but in the bottom there is text with Demotic , and Grecian lines .

In the front of this pylon there is two lions made of rose granite from the Roman era , and two Obelisks made of rose granite form the reign of Emperor “Ptolmey VIII” and his wife “Kleopatra III” , and the Obelisks are now in England.

The first Courtyard …..

It located after the first pylon , and it have the chamber of divine birth in the western side , The Emperor was making ritual in side these chamber to prove proportion to Isis and Horus to prove his legitimacy to rule Egypt .

On the four sides of this chamber there is columns , and on the walls and the columns scenes and texts for the king ” Ptolmey VIII” , “Ptolmey XII” ,” Augustos” and ” Teberus ” . And the most important in these chamber there is Horus in falcon form in Delta when he breastfeed from Isis , and another scene for Horus when he was child .

The Second Pylon ….

This pylon its higher is 12 meters and its width 32 meters , it have on the mid entrance scenes for Ptolmey VIII , and on the eastern tower of the pylon in bottom part scene for Ptolmey XII ,offering the animals such as the offerings to Horus and Hathor , and on the top of his tower on the right side the king offering the flowers to Horus and Nephtis , and on the left the king pour the sacred water on altar in front of Osiris , Isis and Horus .

On the western tower there scenes similar of the eastern tower but erasure , and we can go to top of the pylon by stairs in the northern side of the western tower , and on the entrance of this pylon there some scenes for early Christian era .

After the second pylon there another courtyard and Hall , and its have chambers and niche it was contain the statue of Isis , and there is scenes on the walls for the kings offering the offerings and make some ritual to the gods and goddesses . There in the hall 8 columns and in the Christian era they convert this hall to church in reign of Emperor ” Jostenyan” .

In the end of the temple there niche , its small chamber contain two small windows still have the rock base which put above of this base the sacred boat for Isis and her statue .

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