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Isis and Osiris is ancient Egyptian story , and its the oldest Legendary of love story in the History , Which made them a holy gods to The Ancient Egyptian plus their son Horus which came later .

The story start That there is a fair ruler his name is ” Osiris ” He ruled Egypt and worked to spread good and peace in Egypt ,He is out of the first gods “Ra ” or ” Atum” , His parents were the gods of the earth and the sky ” Gep ” and ” Not” , Osiris was married of His sister and his beautiful love ” Isis ” .


Osiris had a brother named is ” SET” Then he knew the evil god and chaos , and he was married of their fourth sister her name is “Nefetis” .

SET was hated Osiris And feel jealous towards his brother and want to rule Egypt . He planned to kill his just brother “Osiris “, And he made his brother drink wine until he lost consciousness , Then he put him in a coffin and threw it into the river , then SET seized the rule of Egypt .Corruption, chaos and evil spread in this period and The kingdom built by Osiris collapsed .

Isis looking for her husband’s body , and she found it in ELgubil City , but SET was followed her and took her husband’s body again and in this time he cut the body to 42 part and There were 42 provinces in Egypt at that time , and put in every province part of Osiris‘body .

Isis breastfeeding Horus

But Isis did not give up She continued to search for her beloved body with the help of God “Tuht ” God of magic and healing and the God “Anubis ” is Mummification God they were able to collect the body of Osiris and Isis breathed in him the soul and bring him back to life briefly , then she slept over him To be pregnant from him then the baby came he is ” Horus ” .

Osiris then returned again to be the ruler of a kingdom “Duat” the Kingdom of the Dead , and Isis work to protect her son “Horus ” of “SET ” , to grow up and be able to claim the throne of Egypt .

SET tried a lot to kill Horus , so he sent to him the scorpions and the snakes but Isis was able to protect him by magic , and she was feeding him a lot to be more strong and be able to fight SET , then Horus grow up and he began demanding his right to rule Egypt .

There was mutual violence between the parties” Horus” and “SET ” , The dispute was held as either the holy ninth and it shows “Horus ” , “SET ” and “Isis” , ” Tuht” was trying to resolve the dispute .

The conflict between Gods was in wrestling and river boats , and it continues for 80 years with the help of the parties followers , conflicts are escalating between them , which contain sexual conflict between the parties and Horus was victorious in most conflicts

The end of the conflict is Horus Steals testicle of SET , and SET steals the eye of Horus , which represents the idea of the lunar eclipse in the ancient Egyptian doctrine , it ended up with the return of the stolen body parts of Horus .

In the end, Horus wins, and a king is crowned over Egypt , and he denied SET out to be a king on the ground is barren , and as punishment, he carries Osiris‘ body to his grave .

Horus then holds the funeral forum and offers offerings , Horus became the god of the living with the support of his parents “Osiris “and “Isis ” , Isis and Osiris return to each other To win goodness and the love on evil and chaos .



Isis , Osiris and Horus
Horus stabs SET It is in the form of a hippo
View of Isis in the form of a bird standing on the body of Osiris
Isis , Osiris , Nefetis and SET
Horus , Osiris and Isis

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