Horemheb Tomb

Horemheb Tomb

He was the last king in 18th Dynasty , his birth name is “Hor-em-heb-mry-amun” , and his Throne name is “Djeser-kheperu-ra-setep-en- Ra” ,his tomb no 47 in the Valley of the Kings it was discovered by Edward Ayrton in 1908. .


Horemheb had been commander in chief of the army , he followed King AYE , His tomb in the valley of the kings is deeper than earlier examples . The tomb has a series of steep stairs that lead down to undecorated corridors open into a wall room . Decoration in the tomb of Horemheb is limited to the shaft , the antechamber and the burial chamber . The well shaft and the antechamber are decorated with similar scenes depict the king appearing adoring and offering to Isis , Hathor , Odiris and Anubis , Maat guards the entrance to the burial chamber .

The color is particularly noticeable . For the first time scenes from the book of gates decorate the burial chamber . In some places , the outlines of figures have not yet been filled . The west wall of the burial chamber is inscribed with chapters from the book of gates , and the north shows unfinished judgement scenes . The corrections of the chief artist are quite obvious . The granite sarcophagus is decorated with winged goddesses enfolding the corners , figures of four sons of Horus and two figures of jackal – headed god Anubis carved in sunken relief .

Sketch of the tomb……….

1-Entrance .

2-Corridors and Staircases .

3-Well shaft decorated with scenes representing the king before various deities such as Osiris , Isis , Nephtys , Hathor of the west , Anubis and Horus make offering on the night wall and also on the left.

4-Pillared hall , undecorated , leading to corridor and staircase , but only to the left we can see Hathor .

5-Antechamber decorated with scenes representing the king befor various deities such as Osiris , Isis ,Anubis , Ptah , Horus , Hathor and Nephertum on both right and left .

6-Burial chamber decorated with unfinished scenes from the book of gates on blue -gray ground . It offers various stages of work , sketched outlines in red corrected in Black , caving and painted relief . On the right wall we see the boat carrying dead body to the other world and texts from the book of the gates and also we can see the sign of east,west,south and north to guide the workman who were decorating the tomb .

7-Storerooms .

8- Crypt .

9-Sarcophagus of Horemheb .

The king is making offerings to Isis , Horus , Hathor and Osiris
The dead king in his coffin on the boat during his journey to the other world
Horemheb in presence of God Osiris
Horemheb in front of God Anubis
Burial chamber

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