Hathor temple located in Dandara city north of 55 Km Luxor, in the west bank of Qena Governorate.

The history of the Temple ……

The history of the temple back to pre-Dynasty era and indicates that there is tombs in near of the wall of the temple , and Dandara in was the capital of sixth region of ancient Egypt . The building began in King Khofu reign of the 4th Dynasty , and king Bibe I of 6th Dynasty make restoration for the temple , and the Ptolemies and Greeks make the development for the temple , began from king Ptolymos VIIII reign in 116 BC , to Emperor Tragan in 117 in Christian era , and the temple was built for Goddess Hathor .

Description Of The Temple ………..

The temple began with gate called ” Northern Gate ” that built by Emperor “Tragan” and this gate contains scenes for rituals to Hathor .

First Courtyard ……

After the gate we go to the first courtyard , on the right side of this courtyard there the divine birth chamber to proof the legality the king to rule Egypt , all of the scenes inside this chamber represent the king and the gods . And the gods celebrating with the baby .

and next to the the divine birth chamber there is a church back to the 5th Christian century . And there also in this courtyard another divine birth chamber built by king Nakhtnebo of the 30th Dynasty . Ans in the southern of temple there is scale of the Nile and sacred lake .

The First Hypostyle Hall ….

The Hall begin with the facade its one of the most beautiful temples facades in Egypt , its width 35 meters , and its higher 12.5 meters , heading the facade 6 columns with headed by the head of Hathor .

this hall called celebration hall , it contain 18 columns , 9 on the western side , and 9 on the eastern side , and all of these columns headed by head of Hathor . The hall have beautiful colors and beautiful scenes , and mostly of these scenes talk about the trip of the moon and the trip of the sun , the planets and the stars , and also there is scenes for offering the offerings of Ptolemy and Greek’s Emperors to Hathor and different Gods and goddesses.

The second Hypostyle Hall………

This hall called transfiguration hall , contains 6 columns and 6 chambers used to keep the offerings “Foods , papyrus , perfume and incense ” , following this hall ,the hall for offerings contains two stairs one on the western side and one on the eastern side reach to the roof of the temple .

The Holy Of Holies…

The Holy of Holies following the second hall , and all the scenes on the walls of holy of holies talk about offering of offerings , and there were put 2 boats for Goddess Hathor , and there is also 12 chambers around the holy of holies its used for rituals religious for Gods and Goddesses .

And there is a small temple in the southern of the temple for Goddess Isis , it built to sanctification Goddess Isis .

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