Habu temple or Ramesses III temple in west bank in Luxor , is one of the most greatest temples in 20th Dynasty , the temple is made of a large entrance surrounded by two towers . These inscriptions represent the arms of the family and the pictures of Ramesses III . The upper layers of these two towers were dedicated to the royal harem .

Tis temple is the most luxurious of temples and furniture . Amun statue decorated with precious stone , on the walls of the temple we find valuable inscriptions a scene depicting the maritime victory over the tribes of the peoples of the sea” Sharedana” , and other scenes representing the maritime campaign on the Libyans as we some of the idols bearing sacrifices from the royal loss brought to worshiper Amun in the temple .

The first  pylon  leads into an open courtyard, lined with colossal statues of  Ramesses III  as  Osiris  on one side, and uncarved columns on the other. The second pylon leads into a peristyle hall, again featuring columns in the shape of Ramesses. The third pylon is reached by continuing up a ramp that leads through a columned portico and then opens into a large  hypostyle  hall (which has lost its roof). Reliefs and actual heads of foreign captives were also found in the temple perhaps in an attempt to symbolize the king’s control over Syria and Nubia.

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