Edfu Temple is located in the city of Edfu south of Aswan Governorate, It was first built during the reign of Ptolemaic in the reign of King Ptolemy III in 237 BC, It was completed in the reign of King Ptolemy XIII in 57 BC . and Edfu Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt . Its built of worship of God Horus .

The temple begin with 35 meters high apes ,and on its towers Potelmy III slaughters the enemies , followed by an open courtyard surrounded by pillars on three sides , and in the middle there was an altar to offer offering.

We then arrive at a lounge with 12 columns with floral motifs.
Then we enter the lobby of the columns, and then we get into an area where we are only going to find the Holy of Holies located at the last point of the temple.

The Edfu temple is located on the west bank of the Nile River, west of the Nile, about 1300 meters long and connects it to the Nile to a small underground river used by the ancients to measure the water of the river. The purpose of this site is to attract the Egyptians as a political goal so that they can establish their rule in the country.

The temple consists of a gate , a lobby , an arched hall and an open courtyard . In the facade is the symbol of Horus . In the open courtyard is the celebration of the annual pilgrimage of Horus to bring his wife Hathor from her temple in Dandara to be celebrated in Edfu . Then another colonnade and sanctify the sanctuary and the chamber of the vessel .

The temple of Horus is characterized by its magnificence , its splendor and the beauty of proportionality in its structure , despite its destruction from cornich , its length is 68 meters and its height is 34 and the towers carry large drawings of king Potlemy XII , The offerings are presented to a number of local idolaters depicted in two rows . This is the traditional situation since the reign of king Mena . On the facade of each tower there are rectangular gaps , each of which has a flagpole in each head .

The door of the edifice leads to a large open courtyard with a length of 46 meters and a width of 42 meters . It was a stone-paved floor and a large part of the remains in place . The three sides of the tower are adorned with 32 columns with a variety of styles including palm or open flower . The same is a deep drawing representing the unnamed king offering offerings in front of local idols and on the walls behind the rows of columns a series of drawings in three groups where the king appears practicing various religious rituals.

In the right side of the entrance we see the king out of his palace to wear the white crown of the Upper Egypt , and in front of him the priest burning incense and the four flags of upper Egypt fluttering , and Thuhot and Horus purified and the two goddesses Nakhbt and crowned the double crown and receive the scepter of Horus in the presence of Atum and Maat and finally standing in front of Horus and Hathor , and we find below these scenes a series of other scenes represent the celebration of the Nile journey to the south of Hathor in Dandara , to meet her husband Horus in Edfu ,and on the other side of the entrance similar scenes but the king wear the red crown of Egypt .

the king with gods

-The holy of Holies , it is a large hall independent of the other , that was not allowed to Enter except the high priest or the king . It was also illuminated bu small openings in the ceiling and in the middle was a low altar on which the Holly boat of Horus .

the holy of holies
the king slaughters the enemies

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