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Isis and Osiris is ancient Egyptian story , and its the oldest Legendary of love story in the History , Which made them a holy gods to The Ancient Egyptian plus their son Horus which came later . The story start That there is a fair ruler his name is ” Osiris ” He ruled..

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The Nile River meaning The life for Egypt , It has along its banks the greatest civilizations in history , It has been the lifeblood of Egypt it has been and still is the main factor in transforming the land of Egypt from desert to green paradise . The Nile is the longest river in..

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Sinai has a unique geographical location , and natural factors that helped to diversify tourism in tourism that make Sinai one of the most important tourism city in Egypt , and have different kind of tourism as ” Religious Tourism , Historical Tourism , Entertainment Tourism , Beaches tourism ,Diving Tourism , Safari and Adventure..

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Sinai is Egyptian land located on the northern east part of Egypt between “The Mediterranean Sea , Alaqqaba bay , Sues bay and Red Sea ” , Sinai connected Asia continent with Africa continent , The area of the Sinai around 60,088 km square . Sinai have ancient and great history , in old state..

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Siwa Oasis is Egyptian city , Located in The Egyptian western desert , about 300 Km away of the Mediterranean sea , to the western south of Marsa Matroh city . Siwa Oasis features many wells and natural springs that the main source for the groundwater use for agriculture , drinking and treatment for many..

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Roman Theater Roman theater is on of the most important Roman monuments in Egypt , it was built at the beginning of the fourth century AD , and it was used until the seventh century AD . It was discovered in 1960 during searching about Alexander The Great’s Tomb , and they said that Roman..

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The Lighthouse of Alexandria or Pharos ” as it was called ” relative to the island of pharos , which established the lighthouse , which considered one of the wonders of the ancient world , it is the current location of ” Qaitbay” castle . Built during the reign of Ptolemy II in 280 B.C..

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Alexandria history backs to 331 BC , Founded by Alexander The great to Greek City and to be The capital for the Greeks reign in Egypt, Alexandria is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt , Its layout was developed by the Greek Engineer ” Dinocratees” commissioned by Alexander the Great …

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The great Sphinx is a national symbol of Egypt both ancient and modem . But is it more than this . It is an archetype of antiquity whose image has stirred the imagination of poets , scholars , adventurers and tourists for centuries . In recent year , however , the Sphinx has become conspicuous..

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“Nerd Sphinx” which may come tram the Egyptian expression shesep Ankh ” Living image ” , means a sculpture which represents a deity with the body of a lion and a human or animal head . The Great Sphinx of Giza that rises out of desert sands , which the Arabs gave the strange name..

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