Alexandria Monuments


Alexandria history backs to 331 BC , Founded by Alexander The great to Greek City and to be The capital for the Greeks reign in Egypt, Alexandria is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt , Its layout was developed by the Greek Engineer ” Dinocratees” commissioned by Alexander the Great .

And then Alexandria became a cultural , political an economic center , the construction of Alexandria City an extension of the construction of Pharaonic Cities were there at this time , Alexandria was named by the name of its founder Alexander the Great .




The New City gained its fame from the prestigious university “Almosion” , and its library is the first real research institute in the history , and The ancient Alexandria Light House which is one of the wonders of the ancient world which was destroyed in the 14 century AD.

The Remains of ancient Alexandria and “Abu Kier” were found soaked under the sea water its age back to 2500 years old of the cities of Greece and Pharaonic.

The Ptolemies were not Egyptians , they were judged as Egyptians and worshiped the Egyptian Gods , and respected the beliefs of the Egyptians , and Alexandria became the Capital of Egypt for 3 Centuries .

Until The Roman invasion to Egypt , Egypt was transformed from an independent sovereign state ,becoming a state of Roman Empire , thus the Ptolemaic rule ends in Egypt .

Alexandria is rich with Ptolemaic , Roman , Christian and Islamic monuments that attest to the historical importance of The City , Alexandria is the largest city in the Mediterranean basin , and it’s the second capital of Egypt now .

Alexandria is one of the most important Tourist attraction in Egypt , where its geographical location wonderful . Alexandria also has attractive beaches to enjoy various with water sports , and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere throughout the year.

And we will talk more about Alexandria monuments with full details follow us in our next articles .

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